I'll bet money that if you were around town this past weekend, you saw one of these hazardous plants.

These Plants Want to Kill Other Plants

If you're like me, you've probably skipped past an article claiming an "invasive species" may kill off native species or foliages. Never was there a better example than this plant. It now dominates our landscape and chokes out other plant life forms.

These Plants Want to Kill You

How these plans come into town is downright sinister. It's crazy how they can lurk in back alleys, unpopulated areas, or area small towns, then congregate and overwhelm our city. They are incredibly hazardous to drivers

You Were Lied To Your Whole Life

Movies and TV made you think these plants were around your whole life. They told you they went back to the days of the cowboy, but they were just getting started then. The first sightings of these monsters were as the cowboy era (around 1865-1880) was wrapping up.

There's Is No Cure for These Killer Plants

It's too late; all hope is gone. At the time, we really didn't even know what an "invasive species" was. I'm sure there was probably some old farmer who said, "get rid of them, or they'll take over the whole field," but there was no effort to wipe them out as far as I've been able to tell.

The Russians Are Coming!

Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, Ukrainian immigrants accidentally brought tumbleweeds to South Dakota, probably in flax seed in the 1870s. From there, tumbleweeds spread across America. For the record, some in the plant world even call tumbleweeds "Russian thistle." Each one has about a quarter of a million seeds and it rolls around, so no, you're not going to stop it at this point.

Dangerous Russians plants poised to attack innocent American drivers. Photo: Nessmania
Dangerous Russian plants poised to attack innocent American drivers
(Photo: Nessmania)


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