If you spent any time around the Texas Tech University campus in 2018 and 2019, then you're probably familiar with all of the shenanigans involving e-scooters.

People speeding to class, hitting curbs and flying off, running over unsuspecting civilians, two people on one scooter, and even one person on two scooters. There were all sorts of crazy things going on with those things in Lubbock.

At first, it was Bird scooters everyone was zooming around on. That was until Bird was kicked out of the city due to not having the proper permit to be there in the first place. Then Lime, the good rule-followers they are, got the proper approval to come in and take Bird's place.

They were an incredibly useful resource that many students used to get to class every day. I would use them to get from the parking lots to the United Supermarkets Arena when I went to the Texas Tech basketball games. They were huge time savers and super convenient.

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Then, everything changed when the coronavirus attacked. (Avatar reference anyone? Just me? Alright.)

Due to there not being an effective way to sanitize the scooters between users, they removed them from campus and all around Lubbock. The scooters were a primary source of transportation for many students, and people were bummed about them being taken away.

Finally, they're making a post-pandemic return. Last week, a friend of mine who's a student at Texas Tech sent me a photo of a "Lime parking here" sign outside of the College of Media and Communication. There was only the sign there, with no scooters or bikes to be seen.

Ryan Moscati
Ryan Moscati

We asked a friend of ours that used to be a ‘Juicer’ with Lime if he knew when the scooters would be making their appearance. He said that Lime sent out an official announcement to the Juicers that they will be launching the scooters today, June 6th.

Keep an eye out, and be sure to stay safe if you start using the scooters again. No curb hopping or duel wielding the Limes.

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