Until about a week ago, I'd never heard of Visionaries Basketball which is a non-profit in Lubbock that is using basketball to try and make a difference. Rocky Rodriguez is the founder and owner of Visionaries and he runs the thing on pure heart and support from the community.

Rodriguez's purpose for the program is clearly stated by the man himself as he aims to, "Enrich the lives of Lubbock Youth by providing discipline, skill development, and life coaching through a common love of the game of basketball."

How many of us know people who could have had drastically different lives if they had something to work towards in high school. How different would your own life be if someone had taken the time to invest in you and instill discipline into your practices?

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Rodriguez doesn't just have the kids play basketball in a dark gym somewhere. They travel and play in tournaments. Something that wouldn't be possible otherwise. In order to go on the trips and fund the program, the Visionaries team will be fundraising on July 17th from 11 am to 5 pm at Sutherlands Home Base on 50th and Memphis.

The fundraiser will include team merch, drinks, baked goods, and more. You'll also be able to buy a raffle which will be drawn the day after the fundraising event on July, 18th. The list of raffle items is pretty impressive too! A coach purse, some kicks, and more are available for ticket prices of $5 and $10 dollars.

You can see all of the raffle options here and buy your raffle ticket online using the instructions in the Facebook post.

The Visionaries are more than just basketball though. The team also enters a contract with Rodriguez to get good grades, stay out of trouble, and do volunteer work.

I'll definitely be stopping by to say hello to the team and check it out. Hope to see you there!

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