New Texas Tech football head coach Joey McGuire's introductory press conference on Tuesday was absolutely electric. It's not a surprise to those who've been paying attention to the guy, but if you didn't get the full scope of McGuire's personality today, then I don't know what to tell you.

McGuire started his opening statement by getting out from behind the podium and screaming "RAIDER!" at the top of his lungs, with a chorus of "POWER!" bouncing right back in his face. Then, he doubled down with a second "RAIDER!" just for good measure before exclaiming, "man, I've been waiting all my life to do that!" That set the tone for a press conference full of impressive quotes and commentary on what he thinks he can do for the Texas Tech football program.

Now, I'm not naive, but I'm admittedly susceptible to a magnetic press conference, and McGuire's personality sure did draw me in. That said, there's just something about McGuire that screams genuine. Whether that's talking about being fired up every day or playing defense in Lubbock, I just believe the guy.

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There were also some familiar themes in McGuire's presser that felt starkly different than when they've been said in the past. Namely, recruiting West Texas. That was bandied about by former head coach Matt Wells for three seasons, while McGuire was busy actually doing it at Baylor.

The press conference solidified my thought that Texas Tech hit a homerun with the hire. If you didn't think that before the press conference or when he signed three recruits before he even got to Lubbock, I'm willing to bet you're starting to believe it now.

There are already companies like Two Docs Brewing Co. out there offering free beer for life to Coach McGuire and trying to run through walls for him. Two Docs made the offer with the perfect post, saying: "We aren’t offering you free beer for life because we HAVE to. We’re offering you free beer for life because we GET to," echoing McGuire's closing message from his own opening statement.

Free beer for life also hits different because McGuire said he'll only ever have four coaching jobs in his life. He spent time at Crowley, Cedar Hill and Baylor. That's three jobs. The fourth job is the current one he holds at Texas Tech, where McGuire claimed he'd coach until he dies.

If that's not enough for free beer for life, I don't know what is.

By the way...what's a guy got to do for, like, free beer for a week?

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