Well dang the luck, Lubbock just doesn't have the ONE big iconic tourist draw.

You might say, well, we have Buddy Holly, but that's kind of different.  Buddy Holly appeals to one specific subset of people and Lubbock waited until we could have made a huge hoopla about it.

Cadillac Memorial
Getty Images

Amarillo on the other hand has two tourist destinations that constantly pop up. The first is the Cadillac Ranch. Now before you groan about how disappointing that place can be, that doesn't matter, it's still captured people's imaginations enough to make it a stop for a lot of tourists over the years.

The other Amarillo tourist destination that draws them in is the "Big Texan Steak House". The place is of course known for the 72-ounce steak, and accompanying challenge. People from all over the world come to take the challenge or watch others do it.

Facebook/Big Texan
Facebook/Big Texan

All of this was more than enough reason for comedy legend Will Ferrell to film at the steakhouse, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, at the Big Texan Challenge table. Yes, it's a weird thing to picture, because it made for a very weird picture.

Amarillo's KVII reported that was one of several stops that Will made in Bomb City.

Pictures of Ferrell began circulation on social media Saturday night/Sunday morning. I guess we can cross our fingers that he decided to head south, but I'd say that's highly doubtful (these things are generally just one-offs or one or two per state). If Ferrell does happen to wake up in the Hub City, let him know he has an open invitation to join us on the radio.

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