If Brett Favre was 23 and entering the draft, he wouldn't go in the top 10. He didn't even go in the first round in 1991. But there's a different premium on quarterbacks here in 2018, and Favre dropped after being involved in a crazy car accident before his senior season.

In fact, it was Brett Favre's attitude that got him drafted as the 3rd QB off the board.

However, Favre wouldn't be slipping down mock drafts in the 2018 draft because of his measurables or his intangibles. Twenty-three-year-old Brett Favre would be dropping because he's an insufferable idiot on Twitter. There would be crusades led about how he's arrogant and not just confident. People would be writing thousands of words about how it didn't matter that he won; it's how he won that was wrong.

And the quarterback most like Brett Favre in the 2018 draft is Baker Mayfield.

Here's a quick look at just how alike they are:

Besides the uncanny resemblance and painstaking attention to detail, Baker Mayfield has the same type of edgy attitude that Brett Favre played with. It's a good thing most NFL general managers are still living in 1991.

Baker Mayfield is even generating buzz as the number one overall pick to the Cleveland Browns.

If Baker Mayfield can translate his Favre-like attitude into a record-setting NFL career, then it makes absolute sense to draft him at number 1 overall.

That seems like a pretty big IF though...or is it?

You decide.

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