I'm one of the rare Texas Tech fans that still considers Baker Mayfield a Red Raider. In an alternate version of history, maybe Mayfield remained a Red Raider, while Patrick Mahomes was allowed a full redshirt season, allowing him to reach his full potential at Texas Tech instead of the NFL.

Not everything Mayfield does makes me slot him as a Red Raider, though. Most of the time, he's definitely a sooner. Grabbing his nuts against Kansas? Sooner Mayfield. Bolting from the cops while drunk? Sooner Mayfield. That Hulu commercial? Sooner Mayfield.

On the flip side, there are things that Mayfield does that make me proud he was once a Red Raider. The at-home with Baker commercials? That's the Red Raider in him. The crazy stats he put up at Oklahoma? You might say Sooner, but who was calling the plays? That's right: a Red Raider.

Sometimes, however, there's a story that meets dead-center of him being both a Sooner and Red Raider. The Sooner, backwoods redneck stereotype of seeing a UFO, and the Texas Tech part (open-mindedness and community spirit) of Mayfield's personality meshed perfectly when he saw a UFO this week, then asked his friends on Twitter if anyone else had seen anything in the same sky where he was looking.

Nevermind that he's describing a falling star; I do believe in UFOs and they have been more and more a part of the news cycle lately thanks to the FBI being more open to the existence of unexplained objects in the sky. Yesterday, it was hunting bigfoot in Oklahoma. Today, a story on UFOs. I can't wait for the wild adventure that comes tomorrow.

Side note: UFOs are totally real.

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