I've recently been ridiculed for my optimism in the Texas Tech football program after the team's undefeated non-conference start. I was forced into the role of the Matt Wells bandwagon leader this offseason, but have always liked the guy. His performance in press conferences has superseded his performance during games, which is certainly not ideal, but it does make it seem like he at least has a plan.

To me, Wells' plan of getting older and more physical is paying off in year three in Lubbock. The defense is chock full of seniors, and they've been stingy against the run and on the scoreboard. The offense has been a mixed bag, but it's easy to see the potential of the running game and the RPO game with a tight end or two sprinkled in for good measure.

Has the start been perfect? No. Has it perked my attention? Yes, it has. I think this Texas Tech football team is good and I'm not afraid to say that. Texas Tech played who was on their schedule and took care of business. Oklahoma is also 3-0 and still ranked in the top 5, but went to the wire with Nebraska who got beat by Illinois. Tulane just got beat by 40 by Lane Kiffin's Rebels.

Still, Oklahoma is 3-0 and ranked in the top 5 because that's where they started the season. Texas Tech has vaulted to receiving votes in the AP poll after being somewhere near Kansas in the preseason.

Monday on Ryan Hyatt's Raiderland, we had a gentleman text us the following: "Question - my pops wants Tech to basically lose out to make sure Wells is fired. I want him gone 2 but am willing to see how this season goes. Who has the right idea here if the end goal is to get Wells outta here?"

Hyatt and I both answered the texter on the show. I don't really want to pile on this guy specifically, but this is a sentiment I see all the time on social media. I get the in-game complaining. I'm prolific at it on my personal Twitter account. My response to people who want Texas Tech to lose so Matt Wells gets fired is: "Why not find another team to root for?" I mean, seriously.

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Do you personally deserve a successful football program because you buy season tickets or pay tuition? Sorry, you don't. You do deserve a coach and a coaching staff who will bust their ass to provide you a quality product, but quality takes time to build.

Here's another thought -- if the whole goal in your mind is for Matt Wells to not be at Texas Tech anymore because he's somehow personally wronged you and your family, why not root for him to win every game and for him to be poached by a different program? You know, like how Wells was poached by Texas Tech after back-to-back winning seasons at Utah State?

There's this large chasm between SunshinePumperLand and WeSuckSoBadFireWellsville where I like to live. It's called reality.

I've been critical of Matt Wells in the past. I'll be critical of Matt Wells in the future, I'm sure. But I'll never be upset that Matt Wells is winning football games at Texas Tech. I can also recognize when things are going well and when the talent on the team is far beyond what it was in 2018.

I know there are a lot of Texas Tech fans with me in reality. It's pretty nice here. I encourage more people to join me in reality. A place where you can enjoy a 3-0 start while understanding a 4-5 Big 12 slate could be around the corner.

Won't catch me crying about 7-5 in 2021, though.

Listen to the exchange on The Raiderland:

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