I have a bit of a confession: I'm an absolute sports marketing geek.

It fascinates me to see how professional sports teams market their stars and coaches. I get a kick out of seeing the rise of social media in collegiate recruiting and athletics. Athletes gaining a platform and voice through social media is something else that intrigues me, especially when there's some controversy involved.

I also love using social media for myself. I've been really diligent in building a brand over the last several years on Twitter with my own account and more recently with my podcast's account. 

Marketing in general is a passion of mine, so when I finally see a Texas Tech football coach that's building a clear identity or brand for his football team, it absolutely fires me up.

That's exactly what's happening with Texas Tech. Their next step in building the brand is coming to ESPN+ in a four-part documentary series appropriately named "The Brand."

Texas Tech filmed through their spring practices and will give the fans a chance to see into the program like never before. Kingsbury did some of this, but was notoriously closed off in many ways. He might have tweeted three times in his Texas Tech career. Wells I think would have done more, but got unfairly stuck with COVID-19 restrictions.

It's a new day though, and McGuire is finally realizing the hidden potential that Texas Tech has had in a lot of ways for the last two decades but never fully realized on the football field. Has he won a game yet? No, but he's winning the offseason as nobody has before him.

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