There's a creepy-looking white van that always shows up in Lubbock this time of year.

It's your typical windowless van that you might try to avoid parking next to at night, but there's something extra spooky about it.

In large writing, the side of the van reads "free candy" as well as "free puppies" and “hi kids” with a smiley face written in fake blood. It's also covered with bloody handprints and smears all along the sides of the vehicle.

Obviously, it's just a joke that someone likes to play during spooky season, but I could definitely see it really scaring some people.

I found a post on r/Lubbock showing the van parked at the Lowe’s at Loop 289 and the Marsha Sharp. I decided to venture into the comments to see if anyone knew who owns the van.

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People are saying that the owner loves Halloween and goes all out with decorations every year. He apparently also collects various novelty cars like the Batmobile, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, and, of course, this spooky van.

I can imagine there are plenty of people that love this van, and also plenty that think it's inappropriate and shouldn’t be driving around Lubbock. Back in 2018, this same van created some controversy online when it first appeared in the Hub City.

I don’t see much difference between this van and other scary decorations that are put up for Halloween, but I understand parents’ concerns about seeing a van with the suggestion of luring children plastered all over it.

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