A catastrophic fire at Happy's Shaved Ice in Lubbock left equipment and supplies a smoldering mess. Despite the destruction, manager Katy and her partner, Tyler, said they expected to re-open in a week or two. Sadly, it will take considerably longer than that for the popular spot to get back in business.

"Tyler and I were ready to get going and hoping to get it re-opened in a week, but the damage is a lot worse than we previously thought," she said. "But when the companies came out to look at it, it's pretty much going to have to be a complete remodel, and so we're looking at somewhere around three months at the least."

Three months without Happy's famous bubble tea is three months too long. And the highly-anticipated second location is facing its own uphill struggles, as Katy also outlines in the video below.

The fire started in the early hours of April 3rd when a shaver somehow turned on and burst into flames, Katy explained in a previous video. Had it not been for an employee at the nearby United Supermarkets making a phone call to authorities, the entire building likely would have burned down, she added.

In the meantime, there is a cool way Happy's fans can help. 'Save Happy's' shirts can be purchased here before Tuesday, April 23rd, or you can make a donation to help the struggling shop.

Good luck, Happy's. We can't wait for you to re-open and #KeepLubbockHappy- I really miss my pineapple shaved ice with cream and bubbles!

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