Yahoo! Sports Radio fill-in host, and writer, Geoff Ketchum joined The Sports Shack this morning to discuss Big 12 football.

Ketchum covered last week's Texas- New Mexico game and he had this to say about New Mexico, "New Mexico's a good rushing team, but none of their runs last week (against Texas) were game breakers. I see Texas Tech being able to stop their running game."

He was also surprised at the convincing win Kansas State had last week over The 'U' (Miami), "I'm a big Colin Klein fan; he's a poor man's Tim Tebow. He could end the season with 20 rushing touchdowns.  The Wildcats rally around him. I doubted Kansas State a little but if I had to put money on a number two team in the league, it would be K-State."

Make sure you listen to the whole interview as Ketchum covers the whole Big 12.