Clay Travis is a sports media personality best known for his website and his radio show that runs on 1340 The Fan every weekday morning from 5 to 7 a.m.

Travis is based in Tennessee and has an obvious SEC bias, but I don't blame the bias for his take on Patrick Mahomes from his weekly mailbag.

You can read the mailbag here:

The short version of the question Travis responds to about Patrick Mahomes in the mailbag is a Kansas City Chiefs fan pondering his new quarterback, using the 'losers lose' mantra. The fan cites Mahomes' 2016 season of 5-7 with Texas Tech as the opposite of the past six Super Bowl-winning QBs, who all had shiny records in their final seasons at their respective universities.

It's a valid question, and Mahomes' record as a starter will always haunt his legacy as the starting quarterback at Texas Tech.

The obvious retort to this question you hear most often is how bad the defense at Texas Tech is and how the winning percentage was out of Mahomes' hands. But the bottom line is that, for better or worse, football is a quarterback-driven game, and if you don't have a winning season it's (generally) the quarterback's fault.

Fair or not, winning is the quarterback's job.

For what it's worth, Mahomes was 12-1 in his senior season of high school in Whitehouse, Texas.

Travis' response is more of an indictment on the Big 12 as opposed to an indictment on Patrick Mahomes, but does bring an interesting point to Mahomes being a winning NFL quarterback.

Here's Travis' response: "Here’s a great Big 12 stat for you — no Big 12 quarterback has ever won a single playoff game. Not one. In the entire history of the conference."

I didn't believe this, so I went and researched. The last two quarterbacks to win the games in the NFL playoffs from Big 12 schools were Kordell Stewart (Colorado) and Troy Aikman (Oklahoma), except they were Big 8 schools at the time and Aikman transferred from Oklahoma as soon as he realized where he was.

That's an amazing stat. Of all the great Big 12 quarterbacks since 1996, none of them have translated to the NFL. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Kliff Kingsbury, not even National Champion Vince Young won a playoff game in the NFL.

Beyond that, most quarterbacks who are a part of losing teams in college don't translate. Says Travis:

I hate going with absolutes in quarterbacks because as soon as you settle on one you can find an exception, but there are very few quarterbacks in NFL history who played on a losing team in college and then became studs in the NFL. Of course, there are dozens who played on winning college teams and then became busts in the NFL. So I’m not sure that college winning percentage matters a great deal when it comes to wins. But I think you’ve got a decent argument when it comes to losses.

Travis then pulls Jay Cutler into the conversation as a quarterback that "won" in the NFL after losing in college.

What do you think?


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