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Growing up, you probably played a game along the lines of ‘kiss’, marry, kill. In this game, you have are typically given three people, whether they are celebrities or friends, and you have to pick one to kiss (or the more naughty NSFW option), one to marry, and one to kill.

This game has recently resurfaced on TikTok, and people are having a lot of fun with it. Some TikTokers are using filters to pick cartoon characters they would FMK, while others are coming up with their own options. For example, @jaseyphats made a video asking Texas students what Texas schools they would FMK. Let’s just say, these students didn’t hold back.

Based on what some of these students are wearing, they seem to be on the Texas A&M campus, which explains a lot. While schools like Baylor and UT were selected for a couple of different categories, any time Texas Tech was mentioned, we were the ‘kill’ option. One girl even said her reasoning is that “Lubbock is just tragic.”

While Tech was only selected to kill, I think one of the biggest burns was Texas State being selected to ‘kiss’ but with the concern of getting ‘bobcat bumps’. However, the same could definitely be said about ‘raider rash’ if someone decided to ‘kiss’ Tech.

As a Red Raider I’m not too surprised by these answers coming from A&M students, but I do think Tech deserves better. Texas Tech is absolutely marriage material no matter what anyone has to say. Those that get it, get it, and those that don’t are missing out.

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