Toward the end of Texas Tech's win over TCU on Saturday afternoon, the father of Patrick Mahomes was arrested for public intoxication according to the Star Telegram.

Pat Mahomes was taken into custody by an off-duty police officer for the Fort Worth Police Department. Tamara Valle, a Fort Worth police spokesperson, could not comment any further on the case because the TCU police handled the arrest.

The TCU police officials did not respond to the Star Telegram immediately on Sunday Morning.

Mahomes was released from jail by Sunday Morning.

Pat's son Patrick Mahomes, threw for 2 touchdowns and ran for another in overtime. He also set up Clayton Hatfield in the middle of the field to nail the winning field goal.

In my opinion, and solely my opinion, there could be countless arrests every game day at every college game for public intoxication. The fact that it happened to the father of the quarterback of the opposing team by an off duty police officer wearing purple is interesting.

I just guessed on the wearing purple part.

Pat might have been celebrating his son's precision pass to Dylan Cantrell to tie the game in the face of a horned frog. Or he could have been chanting, "MaHeisman" to anyone who would listen while pounding Lone Star. Who knows.

To me, on the surface, it seems like a bogus arrest. Wreck 'em.


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