The Arizona Cardinals had a plan going into the NFL Draft and seemingly executed it to perfection. Even the Josh Rosen situation, which looked like a circus on Thursday, materialized into a 2nd and a future 5th, which is more than I thought they could lock in.

The first overall pick in the draft was a foregone conclusion, though the Cardinals tried to make it not look that way. The Kingsbury/Murray connection will finally come to fruition.

The Cardinals also needed to get a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. They did just that by getting the top CB -- or at least widely regarded as that -- in the draft. Arizona native Byron Murphy is now a member of his childhood team. He's a ball hawk and physical, a potential successor to Patrick Peterson.

What do you do when you draft a brand new shiny QB and don't have any wide receivers beyond an aging Hall of Famer? You draft more receivers. And if you drew up a wide receiver to fit into Kliff Kingsbury's dreams, you would get Andy Isabella from UMASS. It was a great 2nd round pick for Kingsbury and the Cardinals.

Just look how giddy Kingsbury is about locking in Isabella as a draft pick:

The Cardinals were also desperate for pass rush in 2018. They signed Terrell Suggs in the offseason, but Zach Allen is a edge specialist from Boston College that is about 20 years younger than Suggs. A solid selection for the Cardinals in the 3rd round.

If Isabella was made in Kingsbury's dreams, Butler was refined in his nightmares. The Big 12 receiver wreaked havoc on Kingsbury in his final season with the 6'6" wideout catching four balls for 149 yards and a touchdown.

Butler is a guy where you can have perfect coverage on him all the way down the field and it doesn't matter because of his ability to high point the ball and his strength to come down with it. Another good pick for Keim and company.

If there was a defender on the board past the third round and he went to school at Alabama, especially at safety, it's almost dumb to NOT pick him. That's exactly what happened with Deionte Thompson. It's rare to get a bust from Alabama.

If you were unsure of why the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, it was been confirmed in the draft. They want to be better on offense. To do that, they need depth at WR. How about a third wide out for the Arizona team in the 2019 draft?

Keesean Johnson is an underrated prospect who didn't test well at the combine, but broke all of Devante Adams' records at Fresno State -- and his high school records, too. Johnson is actually a bigger than Adams, but has a similar range and frame. The Cardinals would be ecstatic with that level of NFL production.

Speaking of the offense, the Cardinals also had an OL need. They filled that need with a nasty SEC center Lamont Gaillard. The IOL also played some guard for Georgia, and he excels in a system full of combo blocks and help.

He's a big dude from a small school. He might develop into something special, but probably is just a training camp pickup.

Michael Dogbe is similar to the last evaluation, except he plays defense.

Mr. Irrelevant. Caleb Wilson. He's a 6'4", 240-pound wide receiver. It could be a pretty good fit for Kliff's scheme, but he'll need to learn to block in space if he wants to be great in the NFL.

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