Cantrell also had a very special play that won the game for the Red Raiders -- one that Coach Kingsbury revealed was taken from the New Orleans Saints.

"We've had it installed and been working on it a couple of weeks," Cantrell said, giving all the praise to the team getting him into the endzone. "Great job by the O-line, and great seal block on the edge by Donta Thompson cutting off that corner and then you just gotta finding a way to get in."

Cantrell wasn't surprised by the call, either. "It was in the game plan. So, yeah, if it was the right situation then we were going to roll with it," he said. With the success of the play, it seems like it was the right situation.

It wasn't Cantrell's first touchdown of his lifetime, even though he's been a receiver most of it. The last rushing touchdown of Dylan Cantrell's career? "My freshman year in high school," he said. "It's been a while."

Yes, it has been a while. The last time Dylan Cantrell scored a rushing touchdown, this was probably on KISS 102.5.


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