...and it all happened around 9 o'clock in the morning.

If you thought the drunk drivers were only out in full force on Friday and Saturday nights, think again. Lubbock drunk drivers enjoy driving dangerously any time of day! It's like some kind of ridiculous game of bumper cars that kills people and ruins homes and businesses. Classy.

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Today's drunk driving specimen went straight through someone's yard on Saturday morning, destroying their nice brick flowerbed, mailbox and a trashcan, leaving all kinds of wreckage behind. The neighbor of the home with a destroyed yard, Jennifer, shared photos of the carnage online, as well as how lucky she feels that her child wasn't outside.

"Luckily no one was hurt. We don’t let my daughter out to the front yard unless a parent is outside and there aren’t kids on either side of us, but sometimes kids will ride their scooters down the sidewalk. I’m just glad there weren’t kids out there when it happened," she said.

Drunk Driving Accident

The vehicle came to a stop right in front of Jennifer's house, where the driver exited and ran away, leaving the female passenger in the car. The passenger waited for the police to arrive, which will definitely help her case if she is in trouble for what happened, too.

I've never really understood running away from your own car. It's got all your stuff in it. How stupid can you be? But then again, booze makes people act a fool. Hopefully, the driver is caught and justice is served. Lubbock can't seem to go a single week without a drunk person raining on someone's parade. What's the solution?

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