It's no secret that I love football season. The games, the pageantry, the atmosphere, and everything associated with the game-day experience gets me hyped. Well, I have some good news for all the rabid football fans like me out there, the offseason is almost over.

How do I know the offseason is almost over? First of all, there were games last weekend and that's a pretty solid clue. Secondly, the 'walk-ons getting scholarship' videos are surfacing again on social media.

This is seriously one of my favorite moments of every football season. The teammates acknowledging the hard work of the walkons. The coaches being able to tangibly reward a guy who's been paying to workout all summer and planned on doing that just to help the team next semester. The guys who have been doing that for several seasons just to be on the team. All that hard work has paid off.

This year, a former walkon was on hand to give the new Red Raiders the good news. Offensive coordinator and former Texas Tech walkon Sonny Cumbie opened the video package saying one of his favorite memories was when he got put on scholarship by Mike Leach, now he was happy to do the same for Henry Teeter, Bryce Ramirez, Aaron Castro, and Troy Te'o.

Of course, the player's first call with the good news was to momma. Who else would they call?

The bottom line is that these walk-ons earned that scholarship with dedication and hard work. Teeter might be an impactful player for Texas Tech at tight end and Te'o played quite a bit on the defensive line a year ago. You never know when a walk-on can become a premium player for your team.

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