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LBK Foodies, a Facebook page for people that love to talk about all things food in the Hub City, made a fantastic point in a post on their page about showing Lubbock Breakfast House & Grill our love and support after they were pulled into the spotlight over a tragic incident that had nothing to do with them.

The Facebook post by member J Mark Hand reads:

"I think every person in this group should try to go eat at Lubbock Breakfast House & Grill over the next few weeks. A shooting completely unrelated to the Breakfast House occurred near the building and the Local news unfairly mentioned them in the reporting. I think we would all absolutely hate to see such a staple of Lubbock and excellent food establishment suffer due to this unfair incident. The food is wonderful and the staff is top-notch. Go eat there asap and support a great local business!"


The post has garnered over 1,000 likes, with 90 shares and dozens of comments. It's clear that Lubbock loves that breakfast spot.

The fatal shooting a few days ago did not occur in the restaurant, nor did it involve anyone related to the restaurant itself. It would be a shame if people stopped supporting one of Lubbock's staple restaurants out of fear that something like this might happen again. This was an isolated incident, and you should feel completely safe enjoying those delicious pancakes at a restaurant that has served our community for many, many years.

I vote that we all try to stop in and tell them how much we love and support them.

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