Many in Lubbock have long wished for a Dave & Buster's location. That's not happening (yet), but the city could soon see the next best thing.

According to local website Lubbock in the Loop, the mysterious, as-of-yet unnamed restaurant/arcade/bar will be housed in the Esplanade shopping center, located at 52nd Street and Milwaukee Ave, in a 24,000-square foot building. It will be a completely new concept owned by a multi-brand restaurant group, the site claims.

A search of the Lubbock Central Appraisal District website yields a little more information on the purported Dave & Buster's style business.

A property valued at $11,000,000 and situated at 4525 Milwaukee Ave. at the Esplanade Shopping Center looks to meet the required size and parking needs for the concept restaurant. That area is highlighted in the picture below.

4525 milwaukee ave
Google Maps

Lubbock in the Loop has a long history of being spot-on when it comes to new businesses opening up in the Hub City. And currently, there are only a few options in Lubbock for residents who enjoy a cold beer with their pinball or hot wings with their Mario Kart: Main Event and 50th Street Caboose.

The site didn't mention an opening date range for the bar/game room.

What do you think about a Dave & Buster's style restaurant opening in Lubbock? Let us know in the comments.

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