I get it, we all like getting things for free. But I'm having a difficult time understanding the motivation behind whoever created this Facebook coupon scam, which has only caused headaches for Dunkin' Donuts employees across Texas and Oklahoma and their customers.

Justin, our digital managing editor, caught this notice posted at the Dunkin' Donuts on 50th Street. Apparently, this pseudo-coupon has been circulating on Facebook, but it's totally fake, as you can see from the multiple points on the image above.

An employee at the store said they already had several people attempt to use the fake coupon. However, if you look at the website URL underneath the phony coupon, you can see it's a spoof of Dunkin' Donuts' website. That's a general giveaway that something online is fake. Another is the easily overlooked way the coupon spells "doughnut." On the real Dunkin' Donuts website and in their stores, they spell it "donut."

So save yourself (and those poor employees!) the frustration and don't try to redeem this offer. If you would like real free special offers, you can sign up for Dunkin' Donuts' rewards program.

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