According to For The Win, a subsection of USA Today Sports, Dallas Cowboys fans are the least loyal in the NFL.

Did the author of said article use some sort of fancy scientific formula that combined ticket sales, merch sales and colorful socks worn by fans? It doesn't appear so.

The list appears to be 100% biased. Then again, is it really?

While the author boasts of the niceness of the Dallas-area fan, he bases his claim on the fair-weather fans of "Cowboy Nation".

But if you disown the Cowboys when they struggle, then try to get on the bandwagon when Tony Romo happens to go 12-4, then that’s just sad. It’s a cliche, but did you know that in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Cowboys fans next to the word “fair-weather?” No, seriously. [Chris Chase/For The Win]

Maybe he has a point.

Regardless, the NFL season is here. So, throw on that jersey of your favorite player and cheer for your team as if they've won the Super Bowl every year. For you, the fan, are the reason the guys put on the pads.

That, and the millions of dollars and hot girlfriends.

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