Social media went into overdrive after the news of Kliff Kingsbury's firing broke Sunday afternoon. The list of candidates from armchair athletic directors was vast and mostly laughable, but a recurring name on the list has been Brent Venables.

The Clemson defensive coordinator and former Oklahoma defensive coordinator has a long history with Kirby Hocutt, which made the name-dropping believable for the Texas Tech availability.

The Venables-to-Texas Tech move hasn't been ruled out, but Venables' comments today don't paint an incredibly optimistic picture for a West Texas U-haul trip:

Venables said in his press conference: "I've never tried to leverage one situation for another. Ever. I would never try to prostitute myself. If I’m worthy of something then let the powers at be decide." Venables continued: "You want to be valued. You want to be appreciated. To me I get more out of that than anything, and to me I have it all here at Clemson."

Venables then talked about the success that Clemson enjoys. He's also one of the highest paid coordinators in the country. He then returned to the Texas Tech job opening. "I've always had a 'be here now' mentality and never tried to have multiple hats in the ring."

Venables was asked directly about talking with Hocutt and Texas Tech. "Kirby and I, as everybody knows, were college teammates and fellow linebackers. We're very, very good friends. I've talked to Kirby a lot, and I've talked to him recently. But that's all I'll say."

Venables closed with the most compelling evidence that he's probably staying at Clemson: "I would never compromise the integrity of my job for other opportunities. Ever. Ever. That's not who I am. Just so people understand where I’m at right now, my son Jake is here and he's chasing a dream. I sold this dream to him. My responsibility as a dad is to support it as long as he wants to chase his dreams. Who am I to be a hypocrite, regardless of what opportunities are out there? That's how I look at it."

If Venables turns down the Texas Tech offer, it won't be because Lubbock isn't good enough, or because Texas Tech is a major step down from Clemson. It's because Venables has family at Clemson and an opportunity for National Championships immediately.

Rest assured, though, that Kirby Hocutt has reserved a scholarship for linebacker Jake Venables if his father does decide to make that move.

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