94.5 FMX listener emailed me this morning about a disaster waiting to happen, right behind her house between 98th and 104th off Chicago Ave. that the city has yet to address.

Residents are dealing with major issues relating to an empty lot containing a playa lake filled with trash. When it rains, their homes all but float away. Here's what one resident named Jan told us:

"Hello!  Hoping you can help my neighbors and me.  We live off of Chicago Ave between 98th and 104.  The area behind us is overgrown and turning into a dumping ground.  An old couch is in the Playa lake.  Our biggest concern however is the areas that are supposed to allow rain water to flow into the Playa lake are all overgrown and blocked.  Each time it rains my front yard gets washed out and my neighbor has had water up to her door.  We have called the city but nothing has happened.  There is a new or expanded subdivision going in next to this mess.  Hope it can get cleaned up but mostly I want the city to ensure storm water can actually drain. Thank you,


Well, what do ya know? It looks like yet another example of the city seemingly ignoring a major problem. Who would have thought? They must be too busy neglecting other responsibilities to notice that this is bad news bears. They're probably just swamped with important tasks, like watering the 10-foot-tall weeds you drive by each day in nearly every part of the city.

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Could you imagine your lawn being washed away? I'm trying to process exactly what that would be like. If water came up to the front door of my house when it rained, I would be sending some really nasty emails to someone. Maybe the best way to get things taken care of is to simply shame city officials with salty articles like this one.

Hey, City of Lubbock -- do something! Some of us don't like living in a s***hole, and you just keep disappointing us with your absence in matters such as these.

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