Chris Due, sports information director for Lubbock Christian University joined the Sports Shack to discuss LCU and their recent entry into the NCAA as a division 2 school. Due explained the situation surrounding LCU’s move. Due used the analogy that you are either, “On the bus or under the bus” as far as NCAA and the benefits it brings the school and its athletics programs. Due claimed that it was not an easy decision however as many things are going to have to change as scholarships, athlete admissions, and many other things will have to change to satisfy NCAA requirements.

Due claims that ultimately LCU did not want to down size, and that much of the NAIA is not investing money into their athletic programs. He also said that the situation involving schools leaving the Sooner Athletic Conference also played a role in their decision.

If you are interested in the move by LCU, listen to Chris Due’s explanation of it below.

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