Last December Chad Bettis had surgery to combat his testicular cancer. He thought he was free and clear before finding out his cancer had spread to his lymph nodes this March. Bettis has been going through chemo therapy since and has been fighting his way back onto the field.

Chad Bettis not only came back last night, but he did it to a standing ovation from 30,000 screaming fans at Coors Field against the Atlanta Braves. In another twist of fate the Braves were the team Bettis faced in his original MLB debut back in 2013.

Chad Bettis through seven solid shutout innings in a 3-0 win by the Rockies over the Braves. Bettis is now 1-0 on the season with a 0.00 ERA.

More importantly Bettis is 1-0 against cancer.

Bettis was congratulated on by the Rockies, teamates, stars around the league and Ben Stiller.

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