Rita's Donuts is Lubbock's newest sweet spot on 82nd Street, featuring our favorite sinful breakfast items.

After scoping out all of the delicious goodies on their Facebook page, I decided we should all go head over there together to break our New Year's resolutions.

I tried to get Rita's on the phone to ask them more about their mouth-watering donuts, but was unable to reach them, likely due to the high volume of customers calling in orders of their sweet treats to soothe the stress of the pandemic.

Glancing through their Facebook page, I notice that not only do they have donuts, but they also have several kinds of kolaches, beef tamales, breakfast burritos, smoothies, and croissant sandwiches.

They seem to have covered all of the basic food groups for me.

It makes sense why I can't get them on the phone. Tamales. Lubbock has a love affair with tamales that conquers all others. When we see them, we must have them. I feel like nearly every single day I come across someone posting online asking others where they can find some good homemade tamales.

It's okay. Most of us have gained a few pounds. What's one or two more in the grand scheme of things?

So if you want to go dive into some hometown sweetness, be sure to check out Rita's Donuts and let us know what you think by commenting below or on our Facebook page. You can follow Rita's Donuts on Facebook here, or find them in-store at 2625 50th Street.

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