I laughed for way too long at a photo one of my friends shared the other day of the sign in front of one of Lubbock's favorite BBQ joints, Bigham's Smokehouse.

It's always fun to see a local business with a sense of humor, and well, if they didn't realize the sign was funny. I guess the joke's on me, and that's alright, too.

Lubbock resident Troy Wilson shared a photo on Facebook with the caption:

"Oh thank goodness. I was worried for a minute!"

Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson

I wasn't exactly sure what the sign meant, but "CORN IS BACK ON THE COB" seriously cracked me up. Where did the corn go!? On a vacation? Did it simply decide it was too good for the cob? What is corn without a cob!?

Down the rabbit hole of stupidity I went.

I decided to call them and ask and learned that corn on the cob is a seasonal item there, and they just wanted to alert the masses that it's back in stock and ready for your munching pleasure.

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Not to fear guys, because "CORN IS BACK ON THE COB"! Things may have looked bleak for a second there, but it looks like we're all going to be okay. Make sure you stop into Bigham's Smokehouse for some of their delicious BBQ. They never do you wrong, and that's why they've been around for as long as you can remember.

I'm getting hungry writing this, and I'm suddenly craving a big ole ear of corn. You too? I'll see you there.

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