Even Texas Tech couldn't pay for this kind of advertising.

The name of the new movie is Vengeance, and it stars B.J. Novak. Novak was both in front of and behind the camera on The Office. He also was Ashton Kutcher's henchman on Punk'd. Kutcher also appears to figure prominently in Vengeance

Right now all the attention seems to be a war of words between Texas Tech and TCU fans. A couple of decades ago, it was all mouthin' between Texas Tech and Texas A&M. Despite the past and current conversations, I think there will always be some heat between Texas Tech and the University of Texas. (They did steal our head basketball coach, and that'll probably never go away.)

The movie isn't just a mention of Texas Tech. Once again, Albuquerque serves as a stand-in for "West Texas," and the name of one of the characters is "Abilene." The Texas feel of the movie continues with a meal at Whataburger, line dancing and, in one of those great little touches, a house with a star above the door.

The mention of Texas Tech comes near the end of the trailer and it's double good. Not only does it mention the university, but it also starts with a put down of the University of Texas. The film trailer is tagged with "Only in theaters July 29th." It does appear that this movie will begin with the late showings next Thursday at at Tinseltown here in Lubbock.

Watch the official trailer for Vengeance below.

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