The Big 12 Conference has made a move to try and preserve their 2020 football season. To avoid coming together too soon the Big 12 Conference will host Big 12 Football Media days virtually instead of at AT&T Stadium in July.

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The Media Days is a heavily attended event every year with more than 500 people attending last year's media days counting coaches, players, media members, and staff. The exact plan for how they will handle the virtual media days hasn't been released but this makes a lot of sense. With so much at stake and with no way of knowing if it will be safe enough to travel in July, it makes sense to move to virtual.

It also makes sense to keep it virtual for the rest of time.

The Big 12 conference and athletic departments are going to be slashing budgets all over the place. Doesn't it make more sense to slash fuel budgets for traveling rather than cutting scholarships or entire sports?

These schools have the capability to film their own graphics and submit them to the conference. They can satellite press conferences, do conference calls, do a zoom meeting, anything really, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The media can still schedule radio interviews and get all the content they need from if the conference makes a set of coaches and players available from every school.

Will it be exactly the same as before? No, but does anybody really need media day? Who does it benefit? The media? No. The player? No. The Coaches? They love the cancellation.

I hope this also means that the Big 12 and other conferences are taking serious steps to get the players back on the field and generating revenue. That's what college athletics is all about.

And, school work too.

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