Out of the 10 schools in the Big 12, Baylor is the most disliked. And Texas Tech was barely noticeable. Just kind of there -- not liked or disliked, or really noticed in this poll.

An extremely informal poll of Big 12 fans asked who the most and least liked teams were. Of course the rivalries between different schools would have made the voting impossible to count accurately, so the votes were weighted for fairness.

The most liked were Kansas, TCU and Oklahoma State. Texas Tech literally sat in the middle of the whole thing -- not necessarily liked, but not disliked either. Just kind of unnoticed. Of course that could just mean that the Texas Tech fans simply didn't care about this silly poll and stayed out of it since we have our own problems to deal with.

But either way, Baylor is the most disliked probably because of the scandals that keep happening. And I'm OK with that. Baylor needs to do what's right by all of their students or they will continue to be disliked by me.


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