The Lubbock Police Department has released body cam video from Sunday morning's incident at Bash Riprock's, which resulted in the arrest of potential Texas Tech starting quarterback Jett Duffey, linebacker Christian Taylor and two other players.

The footage shows a chaotic scene outside the bar, with dozens of people seen being aggressive toward responding officers. It begins shortly before Texas Tech football player Christian Taylor is seen punching a car's windshield. He's quickly handcuffed by an officer.

At several different moments during the 17-minute video above, the officer's body cam falls off and must be reattached.

The first time it still manages to capture several officers handcuffing a young woman. The second time is after the officer is seen speaking to who appears to be Texas Tech quarterback Jett Duffey and others. A man asks what is happening to their friend --presumably Christian Taylor. The officer explains that he's being arrested for Criminal Mischief after "punching a window of a vehicle...because he's drunk and being silly."

The officer leaves to check on something else, and then there's a loud thud after something is hit. The officer turns and sees who appears to be Duffey leaving. The officer gives chase and arrests him.

The footage shows officers arresting several other people.

Duffey and Taylor are currently being held in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Criminal Mischief charges. Two other Texas Tech football players, Furquan Shorts and Desmon Smith-Williams, were also involved in the incident and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center on Disorderly Conduct charges.

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