Baker Mayfield, who can't stop himself from trolling, was 22 of 34 for 281 yards and 4 touchdowns as the Oklahoma offensive line and running backs did the bulk of the work rushing for 367 yards and a 3 more touchdowns.

The offensive line for the Sooners flexed all of their muscles on the final drive of the game as they held the ball for the final 12 minutes of the game.

Nic Shimonek and the offense had a dominant 1st quarter scoring 20 points and then effectively disappeared.

The final was 49-27.

The biggest story of the game was Baker Mayfield... BRIBING THE REF WITH CANDY!

This might sound like sour grapes here but it is really odd for a player to hand something out of his hand warmer to an official. You can't see if the official accepts the gift but you can see his arm motion toward the sweet gift from Mayfield.

I guess I should say this is only allegedly candy, it could be anything.

Mayfield's mouth is already moving as he chomps on his own sweet treat grabbed from his own warmer. It could be kindhearted generosity that moves Mayfield to share his candy but I'm calling it veteran gamesmanship.

I don't know when this candy was allegedly passed to the official but in all seriousness this is absolutely bizarre that Mayfield is passing anything out of his hand warmer. Maybe he's showing the official his hot hands after the official was complaining about his cold hands?

Mayfield is obviously chewing something though, so I'm leaning toward him bribing the official with candy. Can Roger Goodell send someone to look into this? He's faster at getting to the bottom of things than the NCAA is and if he get's to it now then Baker can get suspended in 2020 when he's backing up Tom Brady in New England.

Back to the game, the Texas Tech defense yielded 617 yards but made several stops in the first half when the score was 28-20 but the Texas Tech offense couldn't convert on the defenses success.

The Red Raiders move to 0-4 when the team is even in the turnover margin.

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