This one involved vehicles as far as the eye could see.

I personally don't think we have any reason to be nervous around here, but sometimes seeing this many military vehicles in a row will make you say either "neat" or "oh, no."

It's not known where the vehicles were headed, but they were crossing the bridge at 19th Street over by the Lone Star Events Center. I couldn't see either the beginning or the end of the vehicle train. I know nothing of military vehicles, but they kind of all looked like personnel carriers to me.

If my navigation skills haven't failed me, it looks like that they were traveling south to north. I haven't heard of any plans to invade Amarillo, but would I really be bothered by it? I don't think so.

I've frequently seen military vehicles shipped over this bridge, it just seems like it's been both more vehicles and more instances as of late. Also, this is just me driving by randomly. If this is what I've seen, imagine all the other times shipments have crossed this bridge while I was oblivious at home.

I found it very interesting that the vehicles being shipped were painted with the two different types of camo: jungle and desert. If I were to speculate any further, I'd say they probably aren't headed to any war effort, at least until they are painted in a unified scheme for the battles they are fighting. Have a look:

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