Texas Tech basketball has had a really good run of players in the last decade. Not only great on the floor, but off the floor as well. They have since moved on to professional opportunities overseas, in the G-league, and in the NBA.

Even though these guys are scattered across the world, they still remember Lubbock and the impact it had on them as players at Texas Tech. Whether they were in town for a season or three. Because they remember that impact, certain players will always return to Lubbock to give back to the community.

Some choose to do that by watching the new team and spending time with the players, some choose other avenues like being vocal on social media about the University and city, and others bring basketball back to Lubbock.

Three Red Raiders, in particular, are bringing their coaching chops to the Hub City this summer Davide Moretti, Matt Mooney, and Jarrett Culver.

Moretti's camp comes up first this summer with registration opening on May 9th. That camp will also feature former Red Raiders Ronald Ross, Norense Odiase, and also LCU legend Parker Hicks.

Next up in the Summer will be Jarrett Culver's camp which will start on July 18th. You can register for the camp at jarrettculvercamps.com.

Finally, this summer will be the 4th annual Matt Mooney Basketball Camp. If you want to sign up for Matt Mooney's camp you can hit up mattmooney.net. Mooney has also had former Red Raiders join him at his camps in previous years like when Tariq Owens and Brandone Francis joined to coach up the kids.

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