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Everyone loves seeing those videos of a cat that adopts a puppy or a dog that adopts a duck, but what about a tortoise that adopts a goat?

A tortoise named Uncle Ike recently went viral after his owner James, or @junglejim2020, posted a video of Ike watching over an adorable little baby goat. According to the video, the baby was just born that day and Ike’s instincts took over and told him that he needs to protect the new baby. The baby even seems to understand that Ike is there to help as she lays down and lets Ike watch over her.

According to other videos posted to James’ TikTok account, Uncle Ike lives with the goats and they're all one big, happy family. They're all used to each other as Ike wanders around and the goats harass him by kicking him and jumping up on his shell for a very slow ride around the yard.

Apparently, this animal family isn’t just kept as pets but are used as a traveling petting zoo based out of Friendswood, Texas. Jims Jungle travels around with Ike and the goats for various events so families can interact with the animals and even feed them if they’d like. Their first event of the year will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on March 11th at Three Acres Food Truck Park.

Take a look at their Instagram to stay up to date on where they will be visiting this year, and check out their TikTok for more videos of the adorable goats and Uncle Ike.

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