It can be kind of alarming to see a police officer parked on your street. You turn the corner, head home on your normal route, and then bam! -- there they are.

Can they sense your tags are out from a mile away? Are they trying to catch you talking on your cell phone? Is your seatbelt buckled? Did you pay your insurance bill on time?

Oh GOD, they've spotted you. You're done! It's over. You're getting a ticket.

That's usually the kind of stuff that runs through my mind when I come across a cop. But for the last two or three weeks, the Lubbock Police Department has completely changed my neighborhood in a good way.

11th Place, between Frankford and Milwaukee, only has one stop sign, and it seems like it's become an easy street to cut across to avoid lights and traffic. You can hop on it directly from Frankford and the Loop and be all the way to Milwaukee way faster. It makes sense that people would take advantage of this shortcut. Unfortunately, they've also taken advantage of this hidden street by using it to speed.

I'm not talking 5 or 10 miles over the limit. I'm talking 90 or 100 in a 30. It's been horrible.

There's been a patrol car parked across from Northridge Elementary School, all day and all night for weeks, and the speeding has almost completely disappeared. It's totally changed things for everyone living in the neighborhood, and it's been tremendously helpful. I have no idea if a cop is actually sitting in the car all the time or if it's just been parked there as a deterrent, or hell, maybe they just moved to the area. No clue, but whatever it is, it's made a massive difference and I'm so grateful.

I've had a lot of anxiety ever since my neighbor's house was smashed into by a drunk driver speeding down that street last year. It never seems to matter to any of the speeders that there's a school zone with children present. I've considered moving several times because it felt so unsafe with all of the crazy drivers that come through there at all hours of the day and night, which is a shame because it's a pretty decent neighborhood.

I just wanted to take a second to tell the Lubbock Police Department 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart. Everyone in the area really appreciates your presence, and I'm hoping that the people who want to continue to drive recklessly will keep avoiding that street. You've changed the entire area and made it a much safer place for everyone.

Normally, a cop creeping around on my block would make me feel kind of weird, but now I just want to bake you guys cookies.

Thank you.

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