Yes, you read that correctly. The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain is planning to re-launch video rental stores (think: Blockbuster), except all the movies are free to rent. OK, I'm in.

The company claims that their new line of Video Vortex stores will offer tens of thousands of videos to rent for free. But that's not all they're offering. There will be VCRs to rent, along with Blu-ray and DVD players, for those who want to rent movies but don't have the gear to play them.

Beer! They will have beer, to go. Draft and bottled, according to this teaser video.

Food, too. Just as Alamo Drafthouse serves great food in their theaters, they plan to have craft food in their video stores.

And music and games will be available, too.

They're launching the first Video Vortex store at their location in Raleigh, North Carolina, but being a Texas-based chain, I'm hoping they bring them here pretty quickly.

Watch the video above for more info, and definitely check out the VHS coffee tables with video screens in them. So cool.

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