The Texas Longhorns might have won the game on Saturday, but one player learned a valuable lesson about not eating things off the ground.

Number 44 Quincy Vasser apparently grabbed a tortilla off the ground at Jones AT&T Stadium on his way back to the locker room after his team had beaten the Red Raiders 45 to 37.

A popular TTU Twitter account  was quick to point out Vasser's costly mistake. Yuck.

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What Vasser didn't know is that those delectable frisbees that rain down at kickoff are contraband.

It's not the outright fact that they are contraband that makes them taste bad. It's not the fact that they were in a strangers' hands that does it either. Nor is it the fact that the tortilla was on the field of a football stadium where hundreds of people walk and spit.

No. What makes these tortillas disgusting is the method they're smuggled into the stadium.

I don't think anyone swallows a balloon full of tortillas like in "Narcos" or "Miami Vice," but you better believe that tortilla he's munching on spent a mile in somebody's boot - or maybe worse. I'm not going to elaborate where else a Texas Tech fan might stash a tortilla to throw during the game, but I will say that our fans are incredibly resourceful and creative.

I sure hope Mr. Vasser likes his tortillas with a heaping helping of Nut Butter.

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