PCMag recently did a survey to find out if Americans were protecting themselves online. The results aren't very promising and show a lot more education is probably needed. Nationally, 35% of Americans who were surveyed said that they never change their passwords, unless they are prompted to do so. 36% of Americans said they have never received proper information and education on online protection.

In Texas, the results aren't that great. According to a press release from PCMag, only 22% of Texans regularly back up their data. 40% of Texans said they rarely or never back up their data. 1 in 3 Texans also reported they haven't had proper training on online protection. While 55% of Texans use anti-virus software, 47% said they feel as though they are unable to protect themselves from online security attacks.

When it comes to changing passwords, Texans are like most Americans, we don't change them often. After the Facebook data privacy breach, 37% of Texans changed passwords while 30% did nothing. 9% of Texans ended up closing their Facebook accounts. Overall, 30% of Texans never change any of their passwords unless they are prompted to do so.

Check out more on cyber security trends in America from PCMag.

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