The Chris Beard to Texas Tech deal looks, by all accounts, like a done deal. You can read more about that story.

But if the flights to Vegas and the pictures on the tarmac are all a schadenfreude planned to fake out the masses and a ploy to draw another coach out, here are three choices that Texas Tech could pursue.

Just to clarify the list. Lubbock, for all its wonderment and charm, is not a destination city. Nor is it a big city that has a lot of draw to it. It's also geographically lonely. That being said, it's still in the best state with the best people. To bring someone to Lubbock, you'll need someone who really feels at home here.

That's why Texas Tech has hired Kliff Kingsbury (alum), Tim Tadlock (alum) and Candace Whitaker (alum). Wes Kittley went to ACU, which is in Abilene, so Lubbock is basically a destination city for him.

The point is, West Texas is a very special place that isn't right for everyone. But if you like it here, you love it here.

This is why Texas Tech dips into the pool of people who have been here before so often. 'Doesn't that drastically limit the choice of coach you have to choose from,' you're asking yourself right now. The simple answer is yes. But there is something to be said about hiring someone who wants to be here.

After the Tubby Smith news broke, beloved Texas Tech figure and basketball standout Toddrick Gotcher tweeted:

That advice has never been so important. And, not only is it important for the players to know that, but it's nice for the coach know as well.

For the coaches being recruited to Texas Tech, it might read more like: 'Commit to the community and university, not just to the specific program you're coaching.'

With all that criteria in mind, here are three coaching hires that could happen and work for Texas Tech.

  • 1

    Darvin Ham

    Yes, the guy who broke the backboard.

    He's been coaching in the NBA since 2008 and has been on the Atlanta Hawks bench since 2013.

    He also played professionally from 1996 to 2007.

    There's also, for what it's worth, interest on his end:

    darvin ham twitter
    Darvin Ham via Twitter
  • 2

    Todd Duncan

    If there is a currency based in West Texas experience, Todd Duncan is a wealthy man.

    Duncan played at Coronado High School, Midland College and Texas Tech before doing some world traveling to play professionally.

    He's been coaching in Lubbock since 1996 -- 15 seasons at the high school level, and now five at the collegiate level with LCU, which is now a Division II program and not NAIA.

    Loyalty and pedigree are two words that describe Todd Duncan very well.

  • 3

    Bob Knight

    He still lives in Lubbock. It's worth a shot...right?

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