With the new year comes the yearly resolutions that we all tend to make, or remake in some cases. Along with resolutions there seem to be some traditions that are done on New Year's eve, or at the stroke of midnight, that we seem to just love.

One tradition is the drop of the ball in Time Square which is televised almost all around the United States. In some countries they tend to celebrate at their biggest sporting event centers with big displays of fireworks just shooting out fireworks as soon as midnight hits. As a kid I remember lighting fireworks with my cousins and eating empanadas then eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.

In some countries they break plates, jump over chairs, and even throw furniture out the window which sounds super fun but I would not like to bring back in. I don't lift, yet. Also there seems to be special foods made on New Year's eve like for instance my family made buñuelos only once a year along with eating black eyed peas, I'm not a fan.

I have found 13 very popular traditions done in the United States, and other countries, that are just classics and have some sort of power of manifestation in them. Whether you believe it or not what are some things that are done in your family or friend group that I may have missed?

13 Popular Traditions and Beliefs Done to Ring in the New Year

Popular New Year's Traditions and Beliefs Done to Ring in the New Year

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Popular New Year's Resolutions

Popular New Year's Resolutions

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