On a whim, I Googled "Who is the most famous person from Lubbock?"

What I thought I would see would be a neck-and-neck race between Buddy Holly and Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks). Imagine my surprise when I checked out the top two.

According to a site called "Playback.FM," Buddy Holly is indeed the most famous person from Lubbock. Natalie Maines does not pop up until number four. So who's number two?

Number two is musician Delbert McClinton, who you may know from his song, "Giving It Up For Your Love." I think McClinton was pretty popular overseas.

Now let's get to the mind-blower. Number three is J. Michael Bailey. Errr, what?

J. Michael Bailey has done (controversial) studies on "the causes of sexual orientation." He also wrote a book called, The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Once again, good on you, dude, but I didn't hear of him until five minutes ago.

Coming in at number five is basketball player Michael Ray Richardson, then at number six it's televangelist Kenneth Copeland. Rounding out the top seven is Chace Crawford, who's currently starring as "The Deep" on the hit Amazon Prime show, The Boys.

I'm going to go ahead and call this list "silly," but I guess I'm the silly one for thinking that Googling it was a good idea. That particular list didn't even mention Mac Davis, and it's supposedly a music site. Even worse, it didn't mention Lubbock's Most Beloved Radio Personality, Wes Nessman, who is definitely right up there in the top 10.

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