I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Texas Tech football hasn't been spectacular in recent memory, we don't need a fortune cookie to tell us that.

We are all waiting for the team to bake us happy again with their play on the field.

Now, there is reason for optimism because the first batch of news coming from fall camp has been positive. But, it could crumble at any minute.

Sure, there will always be positive and negative rumblings heading into a football season, you can't pick and chews what you want to hear, but I want to see 2018 with a glass half full of milk.

As long as the football team keeps raisin' the jar, I think the team will have a great year!

Besides, fans just want to chip in and help the team in any way they can. That's why they tailgate and support the team before the game. If you are a tailgater, this season you can go above and beyond smoked meats and beer and serve these 'Techsan Sugar Cookies' from The Slaton Bakery.

The cookies will be available at any United Supermarket store in Texas starting this weekend, August 10th.

Now that we have our 'WRECK MMMS', we just need Kliff and company to snickerdoodle the right plays into the playbook so the Red Raiders can rise to the occasion.

Ok, I'm done. I couldn't macaroon for any more cookie puns if I tried.

It's taking it's Toll House.

Ok, now I'm done.


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