The XFL is gearing up for a second go-around on trying to create a successful pro football product outside the NFL.

They released their schedule for the 2020 season and the schedule for televised games on ESPN and ABC.

There will be two divisions for the eight teams in the league.

Each team will be playing a ten-game regular season between February and April 2020, with the playoffs consisting of one round before the championship game.

The XFL has partnered up with ABC and ESPN to televise some of their games along with Fox and FS1.

Here are the games that will be televised on ESPN and ABC.

2020 XFL Schedule On ABC, ESPN

SEA vs. DC2/8, 2 p.m, ABC
STL vs. DAL2/9, 5 p.m., ESPN
NY vs. DC2/15, 2 p.m., ABC
DAL vs. LA2/16, 3 p.m., ABC
HOU vs. TB2/2, 2 p.m., ABC
NY vs. STL2/23, 3 p.m., ESPN
LA vs. NY2/29, 2 p.m., ABC
DC vs. TB3/1, 7 p.m., ESPN2
SEA vs. HOU3/7, 2 p.m., ABC
TB vs. LA3/8, 9 p.m., ESPN
HOU vs. NY3/14, 2 p.m., ABC
LA vs. SEA3/15, 7 p.m., ESPN2
DAL vs. TB3/21, 2 p.m., ABC
NY vs. SEA3/22, 3 p.m., ABC
TB vs. DC3/28, 2 p.m., ABC
HOU vs. LA3/29, 3 p.m., ABC
DC vs. NY4/4, 2 p.m., ABC
TB vs. STL4/5, 12 p.m., ESPN
HOU vs. SEA4/11, 2 p.m., ABC
DC vs. STL/NY vs. TB*4/12, 3 p.m., ABC
West Final4/19, 3 p.m., ESPN
Championship4/26, 3 p.m., ESPN

The entire XFL schedule can be found here.

We just got done seeing the AAF fail so it will be interesting to see if the XFL suffers the same fate.

Hopefully, they don't and their relationships with ESPN and ABC accompanied by the Vince McMahon money will make this a successful endeavor the second time around.

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