A woman was stripping old wallpaper from the walls of a Georgian home when she came across an unsettling message written on the original walls of the 150-year-old home. She was absolutely freaked out to read, "Sept 10 Doomsday." 

It would be a weird message for anyone to read, but the strangest part is September 10th just happens to be her birthday.

Yeah, I know. Wtf.

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It sort of gives you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach to imagine finding such a message, to begin with, but then for it to include your birthday -- what are the odds?

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Commenters on the TikTok video are notably shaken and have been warning the woman to be careful on her birthday. Some of them seem to believe it's an eerie sign from the great beyond. Others looked up different events in history that occurred on September 10th to speculate as to what the message might have meant.

One person mentioned that on September 10th, 1939, the Prime Minister of Canara declared war on Germany. It was also pointed out that September 10th was the day that Elias Howe was granted a patent for his invention, the sewing machine, and that perhaps they meant to write "Looms Day." Ha!

Whatever the case, it does make you feel a bit strange. I think it was probably someone's cheeky father player a bit of a prank on whoever may move into the house in the future. It's become a new trend on the internet to leave little hidden messages and things behind when you are remodeling your house, but it's not a new concept. Who knows?

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