TikToker @brilz_0siris stopped by a Wingstop after hours and just happened to catch an employee working alone in their undies and wrapped in a plastic bag...because that's totally normal.

Luckily, this happened in Chicago, far away from us in Lubbock. Don't worry, guys. Our local Wingstop totally has our back and nobody around here would be caught dead in their chonies. They know 94.5 FMX is watching and waiting to blast them on the internet because, well, we have sad and boring lives.

*sigh* Anyway...

Check out this first video below, then keep scrolling to part 2:

I can't help but laugh. I spent years in food service and saw some pretty insane things, but I've never seen anything like this. It's definitely a first. I wonder if he spilled something all over himself and was just trying to finish his late shift before leaving. No idea.

It's hard to come up with an excuse for someone to be in a restaurant kitchen practically naked. Nudity in the kitchen is best at your own home, around 3 a.m. while you're making a run for snacks before crawling back into bed. I won't stop you.

In part 2, he's just having a drink of his soda and continuing what his business is, not a clue in the world that someone is watching. Pretty weird, man.


Some of the comments on the TikToks are hilarious. This one was definitely my favorite:

"Manager: I want you to clean these dishes like you do at home."

"Employee: Okay, bet."

Keep your clothes on at work, my friends!

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