Oh boy, this is a good one.

An all-out war inside of a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania was caught on camera and I just couldn't help but share it with you. The video is quickly making waves across the internet, depicting customers screaming and yelling over steak and beating one another with high chairs. Classic.

Check it out below:

In a matter of minutes, the popular buffet restaurant was torn apart, leaving customers running for their lives while babies can be heard crying in the background. I know that the rolls and that damn biscuit and gravy fountain are pretty friggin' delicious, but the steak at Golden Corral is probably last on my list of the food there that's worth fighting for.

Nobody seems exactly sure about what started the argument that led to more than 40 people losing their minds, but one employee was said to have been hit with a table. Ouch. I can honestly say this is the first time that I've seen high chairs used as weapons. Points for creativity.

Luckily for us, this incident occurred in a Golden Corral located in Pennsylvania. Our Lubbock location is still holdin' it down in the 806 and hopefully will be for many years to come. Where else can you eat till you want to die and then eat some more?

Stay classy, Lubbock. We may not be the greatest city in America, but we certainly show a bit more class in our local eateries.

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