This week's start to the NBA Free Agency season has been focused on the Dwight Howard. Howard played last season for the Los Angels Lakers after eight seasons with the Orlando Magic.  The hoopla surrounding Howard has only been surpassed by ESPN's ego-stroking of LeBron James.

I will readily admit that Howard is a good player, but he's not a great player.  He's slipped below 20 points per game scoring and below 50% free throw shooting. He's clashed with coaches and couldn't act like a leader in Orlando, or at the end of this season with the Lakers after Kobe Bryant went down with an injury.

For some reason, the Houston Rockets have coveted Howard over the past three seasons.  First, trying to acquire him in a trade with Orlando and now pursuing him through free agency.

I don't see Howard as the player you would blow up your team for.  Why sign a player to max contract when he could easily turn on your coach or get into a poutfest? That's not the signs of being a leader.  There are also been reports that Howard has demanded/ is being offered a TV show. So, if Howard signs with the Lakers or Rockets, he's now being singled out as someone 'above the team'.

I root for the Rockets and hope they don't acquire Howard. I would rather see then stay the course with James Harden and a strong supporting cast.

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